Hi lovelies, how was your weekend? Great right! Well, mine was awesome as usual. So i had a photoshoot this weekend, and it turned out great. I actually styled one of my friends and she looked lovely in all the outfits. I was just happy on how beautiful she turned out. Well enough of that, let me bring y'all back to what i have for you today.
             This Kaftan look-actually this is my brother's kaftan. He got it from Ghana. LOL, i actually stole it from him. So officially, it's mine now. I love it cos it's quite comfy and free.Well enough of that, i felt this kaftan will go really well with my black trouser. Wore a milk-coloured high-heeled shoe and then a yellow bag to match for a pop of colour. Also a choker necklace to go along with it.

        Get this bag:
                        @calitos_fashionworld (on instagram)
 Photography- (@vinkelsphotography)

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