Playing With Colours!!!!!!!!!

hi lovelies,so here is a fashion tip. So today is about being wide on colours but still not going overboard.You can play with colours and it will stand out without you looking like a clown or a colourful masquerade(LOL). This is one of the ways you can go about it.
     A big colourful shirt i wore-to know how to pair this kind of shirt to look good in it is
kinda hard to do but don't worry am here to help you solve that problem. Looking at this shirt, i felt that it will really suit my light orange bum short and, yeah! i know it looks great. Pairing it with the bum short somehow toned down the colourful nature of the shirt, some how bringing it down to a neutral colour level. Then i had to wear my high-heeled blue sandals to put a finishing touch to the outfit.
   Get ths outfit:
shirt- @maxella_collections (on instagram)
bum short- @maxella_collections (on instagram)
             More pictures below:

photography- @vinkelsphotography & @meandemanagement (on instagram)
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