Hi guys,a friend of mine makes polos so i was contacted to model some of them for him, had to get two of my friends involved and they sure pulled it off totally. Well enough of that; in between,they are nice tees/polos,quite comfy and super adorable to rock. Here are some of the pictures:
This looks quite big on me but there is nothing i can't pull off with a little bit of this and that,it became magical on me. I had to pair them with heels to make me look more sexy/classy. I also styled my friends too*smiles*.Tees definitely is a must have for everyone. You can wear your tees for sports, hangout with friends e.t.c. Hope y'all like the Tees.
Get this outfit:
Polos-@chukaobi21 (on instagram)
Black trouser:@maxellacollections_2(on instagram)
Handbags:@maxellacollections_2(on instagram)
Photography:@vinkelsphotography(on instagram)
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