White trouser- is it the trend right now? Lol maybe yes also maybe no but i really felt like pulling it off and i guess i did just fine. In this pic, i wore a white trouser with a sea-green silky top with all black ensembles which made the whole outlook look perfect and a little less sophisticated. I had so many ideas on where this outfit can be worn to and i'm here also to guide you on how to pull it off. That your white trouser in your closet can really go a long way in your fashion sense.
         You can wear it to work-what you need is to just wear a blazer jacket (maybe black) so it can be work appropriate on the top you wore with the trouser, then maybe a high wedge black shoe if you can't do heels and then a black bag, (if the top is sea-green, you can put on a sea-green earing also so it can match perfectly well.
         If it's for a date, you don't need any blazer. Going this way is just the "real deal' with the black high heel and the black small clutch purse. Also this is just perfect for an event too especially for a wedding. 
       It doesn't necessary has to be for a specific event before your white trouser can be worn. White trousers are too beautiful to be hidden or to be worn once in a while. I will still be putting up some more tips on how to style your white trouser(s). Keep checking it out to find out more!!!!!!!!!

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  1. love the trouser.
    definitely crushing on this look!