Just cos its monday, i had to assemble this whole monday look. I thought of something that is quite comfy and still look office-like. Mondays are perhaps the most busiest day of the week for most people and also quite stressful; so whilst assembling this look, what i had in mind was to pull off something that's quite comfortable and nice but not too sophisticated. Looking at the pictures, you will most believe that this was a simple yet classy look. In the first picture, i wore a ruffled blue stripped blouse-shirt with a black pencil skirt and then a cut-out sandal heels(black) and then a blue bag. You can opt for a black bag instead of blue but for me, i felt this was more okay for me so that everything i'm wearing won't be entirely black. The shoe i wore was definitely the best choice for it or maybe you can opt for a court shoe, at least if not for anything, just for you to be comfortable, and also be able to work around with less stress. 
   You can also opt for a white sandals heel like i did here. If not for anything just cos of comfortability. 
It is monday and you have the right to wear whatever you think is right to work but while at it, try to choose something that is quite comfortable and try not to go too overboard with the colours you are matching together and also less complicated. Revealing outfits to work is a "NO-NO" so have it in mind whilst finding that right outfit, you should try to dress smart.

Will talk more about the best office outfits/how best to rock it more on the blog with so many work outfits pictures so it will even be more interesting and easy to comprehend!!
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